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Zucca Greek Mezze

Zucca Greek Mezze seared scallops

Zucca Greek Mezze

Zucca Greek Mezze
5 Marina Pier. Holdfast Shores. Glenelg SA 5045
08 8376 8222
Lunch and dinner 7 days


Zucca Greek Mezze is an upmarket Greek restaurant located on the stunning Marina Pier overlooking the beautiful ocean. The décor is simple and elegant with white table cloths, dark wooden chairs and crystal blue glassware giving it a Mediterranean look.

Miss C had flown in from Sydney for a visit to see her friends and family so A and I took her to dinner at Zucca Greek Mezze down the bay.

It had been a few months since we last saw each other so we ordered some cocktails to celebrate our reunion.

Zucca Greek Mezze cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan. Vodka, cointreau, lime juice and a dash of cranberry. My cocktail had a good balance in flavours and was not too strong.

Zucca Greek Mezze mixed dips

Mixed dips with pita bread. The pita bread was warm, thick and deliciously fluffy.

Beetroot and feta dip. The beetroot was chunky, creamy and sweet.

Melinzanosalata. The eggplant was soft, smokey and super creamy.

Taramasalata. The fish roe was smooth, salty and bold.

Zucca Greek Mezze seared scallops

Seared scallops with Persian feta cauliflower cream and salted pistachio. The scallops had a delightful outer crust and were plump and moist. The pistachios were chewy and did not compliment the scallops at all.

Zucca Greek Mezze smoked salmon

Wood smoked salmon with cauliflower, black garlic and pomegranate yoghurt. The salmon was moist and flaky and had a lovely subtle smokiness.

Zucca Greek Mezze eggplant roulade

Eggplant roulades stuffed with lamb, kefalograviera in a tomato saltsa. The lamb was incredibly soft and moist. A real comfort food perfect in this cold weather.

Zucca Greek Mezze octopus

Octopus with lemon skordalia and pickled beetroot. The octopus was very tender and had a beautiful charcoal flavour.

Zucca Greek Mezze twice baked duck

Twice baked duck with poural patates, spinach and metaxa salsa. The duck was rich and full of flavour but I found the meat tough and chewy and the skin was soggy.

Zucca Greek Mezze porterhouse

Porterhouse with patates and peasant saltsa. The steak was cooked medium rare perfectly and was juicy and tender. The peasant saltsa was fresh and tangy.

They had a variety of traditional Greek desserts available but nothing appealed to me so I did not order any dessert.

Zucca Greek Mezze has breathtaking panoramic views of the marina overlooking the ocean. Perfect for a romantic date or special occasion.


Miss L

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