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The Little Eastern

The Little Eastern baked eggs

The Little Eastern

The Little Eastern
389 Magill Road. St Morris SA 5068
08 8431 9061
Breakfast and lunch 6 days


The Little Eastern is a Middle Eastern cafe specialising in manoushi which are little Lebanese style folded pizzas. They also have traditional breakfast items on the menu if you prefer classic breakfast food.

The venue is decked out in timber with brown butchers paper and crayons on the tables. Perfect for keeping the kids occupied or the artistic customer.
The bright yellow coffee machine, coffee cups and assorted furnishings gave the place such an inviting and happy vibe.

The coffee here is not for the faint hearted. I have heard that people in the Middle East love their coffee strong and it definitely was true.

The Little Eastern mocha

My weak mocha was strong, full bodied, full of flavour and really packed a punch despite asking for weak. I needed to add sugar to be able to drink it. The milk was nicely steamed with a creamy layer of froth on top.

They had a variety of superfood smoothies on the menu and bottled juices in the fridge but I prefer traditional freshly squeezed juice combinations so I didn’t order a cold drink on this occasion.

The Little Eastern baked eggs

Baked eggs. Eggs baked in a capsicum salsa and Turkish sausage served with organic sourdough bread. I also got some labne on the side. My eggs were a little overcooked on top but soft underneath. I really would’ve liked them more runny. The capsicum salsa and Turkish sausage were rich and spicy and the tangy labne complimented the dish nicely.

The Little Eastern baked eggs lemon and coconut friand

The had a cabinet full of house made cakes and biscuits so I ordered a lemon and coconut friand. My friand was heated up in the microwave which made it a little bit dry and chewy which was a bit disappointing.

The Little Eastern is such a bright and charming cafe. If you love strong full bodied and full flavoured coffee this place is definitely for you.


Miss L

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