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Slice of Brooklyn

Slice of Brooklyn

Slice of Brooklyn

Slice of Brooklyn
4/5-82 King William Street. Adelaide SA 5000
0422 071 437
Lunch and dinner 6 days


Slice of Brooklyn is Adelaide’s newest little pizzeria located in the CBD on Grenfell Street just one street over from Rundle Mall.

Their unique New Yorkapolitan pizzas are a hybrid of 2 popular styles of pizza. A thin and crispy base with a fluffy crust of a New York pizza crossed with the high temperature fast fired style of Neapolitan pizza to get a nice blend of both worlds.

Owner and founder Ned Hasanoff spent most of his life in New York and when he returned to Adelaide he found that it was lacking in good pizza. All the pizzas were either overloaded with toppings, soggy or too doughy so he set out to bring back a piece of New York to little old Adelaide.

Their pizza dough is proved for 1-2 days in the fridge for a nice slow fermentation using only 5 ingredients. It is then accurately weighed and cut into singular portions.

Using 00 Italian flour and Californian vine ripened tomatoes for their sauce, they use premium ingredients without charging the premium price. Also there is no fixed menu and customers are able to customise their own pizzas the way they like it.

The pizza is then fast fired in an Italian stone base oven and cooked within a New York minute which is equivalent to 2.5 Australian minutes.

The menu is simple offering 3 or 5 topping pizzas to keep the pizza from being overloaded and going soggy but if you want more toppings they are happy to accommodate your requests.

Slice of Brooklyn

3 topping pizza with salami, roasted peppers and red onions. The pizza base was thin and crispy with a light and fluffy crust and the tomato sauce was naturally light with a hint of sweetness. Definitely one of the best pizza crusts I’ve eaten in Adelaide.

Slice of Brooklyn has only been open for a short period of 2 months but their rave reviews have already made them one of the top 5 pizzerias in Adelaide.

Miss L

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