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Sit Lo

Sit Lo beef noodle soup

Sit Lo

Sit Lo
30 Bank Street. Adelaide SA 5000
0456 659 841
Lunch 6 days and dinner 7 days


Sit Lo is a casual Vietnamese eatery serving up traditional Vietnamese foods with a twist.

The venue is furnished in an industrial style with wooden tables, stainless steel stools and metal light fixtures giving it a very funky, modern and cool warehouse vibe.

Sit Lo coconut crushie

Coconut crushie with lychee.

Sit Lo coconut crushie

Coconut crushie with jackfruit.

The crushies were icy and refreshing with a hint of sweetness from the fruit.

Sit Lo bites

Sit Lo bites. Chicken, prawn and crab meat spring rolls. Spring rolls but in bite sized form these were light, golden and crispy on the outside and surprisingly very moist on the inside.

Sit Lo baos

Pork belly bao. Slow cooked pork belly with pickled cucumber, hoisin and scallions. The pork belly was so soft and tender with a delicious rich layer of fat and the pickles helped to cut through the sweetness of the hoisin.

Soft shell crab bao. Soft shell crab with coleslaw and egg chive dill mayonnaise. The soft shell crab was delightfully crispy and crunchy while the mayonnaise provided a subtle creaminess.

Fried chicken bao. Panko crumbed fried chicken with pickled cucumber, chilli mayonnaise, coriander and scallions. The chicken was crispy on the outside but still remained succulent on the inside and I loved the added spiciness from the mayonnaise. This was my favourite bao out of all 3 flavours.

On first inspection the baos did not look as thick and fluffy as other baos I have eaten before but after tasting them I was completely wrong. The baos were incredibly light, soft and airy.

Sit Lo chicken wings

Salt and pepper chicken wings. Chicken wings dipped in batter and fried till brown and crispy. The batter was a little thick for my liking but still very crunchy and the chicken was very flavoursome.

Sit Lo noodle bowl

Crispy skin roasted pork belly noodle bowl. Vermicelli noodles served with mixed lettuce leaf, pickled carrot, daikon, condiments and Vietnamese dressing. The pork belly had a crispy and crunchy skin while the meat was soft and juicy. The noodle bowl was so vibrant, colourful and tasty. The Vietnamese dressing was more on the sweet side and needed a bit more punch.

Sit Lo beef noodle soup

Beef pho. Sit Lo’s signature beef noodle soup. The broth was smooth, rich and full bodied with lots of layered flavours. It contains no msg so it was very clean on the palate. The beef and noodles were perfectly cooked, tender with a slight chewy texture and the herbs were fresh and aromatic.

I always like to finish off my meals with something sweet but they did not have any desserts available so it would be great to see some featured on the menu in the future.

Having been to Vietnam numerous times I find I am quite critical of Vietnamese foods but I was very surprised and extremely impressed with Sit Lo. They do unbelievable Vietnamese food. Everything was exceptionally fresh and colourful and I love how they have put their own spin on traditional foods to make it more modern and appealing for today’s crowd.


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