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Royston Park Cafe

Royston Park Cafe baked eggs

Royston Park Cafe

Royston Park Cafe
59A Battams Road. Royston Park SA 5070
08 8363 3780
Breakfast and lunch 6 days


Royston Park Cafe is a modest little cafe located on a quiet street in the eastern suburb of Royston Park. The place is small and cosy with a few paintings on the walls giving off a relaxed, casual and laid back vibe.

Royston Park Cafe mocha

My weak mocha was rich and warming. The balance of coffee and chocolate was good but I found the froth on top a bit foamy and very airy.

Royston Park Cafe iced tea

Teza mango and ginger iced tea. Having tried this brand of iced tea elsewhere before I was excited to see that they stocked a few more different flavours. The tea was sweet and refreshing. My new favourite brand of bottled iced tea.

Royston Park Cafe baked eggs

Baked eggs with spicy capsicum salsa and chorizo. The baked eggs were amazing! One of the best baked eggs I have tasted. The eggs were perfectly cooked and oozed out rich delicious golden egg yolks as soon as I cut into them. The capsicums were soft and sweet and the capsicum salsa was rich and deliciously tangy. The chorizo was generous, crispy and spicy and the toast was super buttery.

They had a whole table full of baked goods on display and I was having trouble deciding on what to order because everything looked so good. I had to restrain myself because I was so tempted to buy one of each item. In the end I could not go past a classic brownie.

Royston Park Cafe chocolate raspberry brownie

Chocolate and raspberry brownie. This brownie was so decadent. It was super rich, chocolatey and fudgey. The raspberries were tart and tangy and helped cut through the richness. If you are a chocoholic you definitely need to try one of these.

Royston Park Cafe is a fantastic cafe within the eastern suburbs. So easy to get to with lots of street parking available and perfect for a laid back lazy brunch.


Miss L

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