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My Kingdom For A Horse

My Kingdom For A Horse breakfast

My Kingdom For A Horse

My Kingdom For A Horse
191 Wright Street. Adelaide SA 5000
08 8410 7408
Breakfast and lunch 7 days


Today I caught up with A for breakfast. We wanted to try somewhere new so we chose My Kingdom For A Horse. I had seen lots of posts on my Instagram feed about this place so I’ve been dying to try it. I love hip cafes that do creative breakfast items different from your standard bacon and eggs. The place was packed out when we arrived but we still managed to get a table immediately.


I ordered a weak mocha and A ordered a flat white to start off with. I found my mocha still very strong and overpowering despite ordering weak. The chocolate left a really strong unpleasant aftertaste that coated my tongue. A said her coffee was on the sweet side which she didn’t really like either.

Now I’m not a coffee connoisseur or coffee snob. The closest I get to drinking coffee is mocha so please don’t hate me for it. This is just my opinion based on my taste. You might really enjoy the way they make the coffee here but for me it wasn’t to my liking.


I ordered shakshouka. Eggs baked in spicy tomato sauce with toast. I also got pork chipolata on the side. I couldn’t really taste any spices in my tomato sauce. It just tasted like plain tomato sauce to me which was a shame and it was a bit too chunky. There were some whole tomatoes I had to squash up. The eggs were cooked nicely. Soft and runny on the inside. Just the way I like it. The chipolata was a bit bland for me. I think I needed something a bit saltier to counteract the acidity of the tomato sauce.


A ordered smoky house baked beans with feta and sourdough. You could really taste the smokiness and they used a variety of beans which gave it lots of texture. The beans were cooked nicely. Not floury at all.


We also got french toast to share which was really nice. Soft and moist on the inside. Not overly too sweet. The compote was lovely and I was wishing it came with more.

The food took ages to come out. I think we were waiting nearly 45 minutes. We were both getting tired and impatient from waiting so long.

Overall the experience was okay. I think it would’ve been better if we didn’t have to wait so long for our food. I love how all their ingredients are locally sourced and how they support Australian businesses.

I wouldn’t mind returning again to try out their lunch menu which also looked really good. Hopefully next time they can improve on their service time.


Miss L

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