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Mrs Q

Mrs Q crispy barramundi

Mrs Q

Mrs Q
128 Gouger Street. Adelaide SA 5000
08 8211 8887
Lunch and dinner Wednesday to Sunday


Mrs Q is the newly revamped restaurant inside Loft Bar. Working with renowned executive chef Nu Suandokmai they have breathed new life in to the place.

The venue is furnished with comfy lounges and Asian styled decorations with lots of bright colours giving off a lively yet relaxed and laid back atmosphere.

Mrs Q vegetarian dumpling

Vegetarian dumpling. A mixture of vegetables wrapped inside a translucent dumpling skin delicately pleated and steamed. The vegetables were soft and the dumpling wrapper was nice with a slightly chewy texture. The black vinegar gave it a lovely tangy boost of flavour.

Mrs Q chicken and corn ball

Chicken and corn ball. The balls were deep fried yet maintained their moisture very well and the outer coating was crisp and crunchy. It was like an Asian version of popcorn chicken.

Mrs Q veal and pork betel leaf

Veal and pork with betel leaf. Minced veal and pork meat wrapped inside betel leaf. The mince was salty and full of rich flavour.

Mrs Q coffee duck

Coffee duck. This was a very unique and interesting dish. The duck was wrapped in fish cake and the sauce was sweet with a very subtle coffee flavour that worked really well together.

Mrs Q papaya salad

Papaya salad. The papaya was fresh and crunchy. The tomato added bursts of sweetness and the cashews were buttery. The dressing was a classic mixture of sweet, spicy and tangy.

Mrs Q barbecue chicken

Barbecue chicken. The chicken was succulent and incredibly moist while the herbs were fresh and aromatic.

Mrs Q crispy barramundi

Crispy barramundi fillet in sambal. The barramundi was very crispy and crunchy on the outside but still light and flaky on the inside. The sambal was fiery and packed a chilli punch. This dish did not disappoint and was my favourite of the night.

Mrs Q banana heart pork curry

Banana heart pork curry. The sauce was deliciously rich and spicy with a mild creaminess. The pork was thinly sliced and tender.

Mrs Q sticky rice with mango

Sticky rice with mango. This dish was so pretty. The rice was tender but quite heavy and dense. I would have preferred the rice to be a little more loose and creamier. The coconut ice cream and fresh mango added to the tropical theme.

Mrs Q lychee panacotta

Lychee panacotta. The panacotta was so smooth and delightfully creamy. The texture was so silky with a beautiful subtle lychee flavour and the peanut crumble added a lovely crunch.

Mrs Q’s new menu is modern and exciting and the views overlooking Gouger Street are gorgeous.


Miss L

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