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Max Brenner

Max Brenner suckao

Max Brenner

Max Brenner
277 Rundle Street. Adelaide SA 5000
08 8223 6655
Dessert 7 days


Max Brenner is a worldwide chocolate dessert bar that is creating a new chocolate culture by inviting people to watch, taste and smell its love story and creating beautiful chocolate memories.

The venue is styled in a whimsical fashion with quotes written all over the walls. Lots of rich wood gave it a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Max Brenner desserts

At the chocolate bar you can indulge in decadent pastries, creamy fondues and thick milkshakes.

While the chocolate shop has all your chocolate needs from gift boxes, hand made decorated chocolates and even a 1 kilogram block of chocolate for those who like to indulge on a larger scale.

Suckao. A concentrated chocolate shot served with a special cup of hot steamed milk that is kept warm with a small candle underneath. You are able to customise your own hot chocolate by adding as much or as little chocolate chips as you like to suit your tastes. It came with a special spoon to stir with that also acts as a straw.

Addictive praline cigar. Whipped chocolate cream in a milk chocolate shell rolled in nutty crumbs. The whipped chocolate was smooth, rich and creamy while the crumbs added a lovely crunchy texture.

Chocolate fondue for 2. Pure melted milk and dark chocolate served with strawberries, bananas, marshmallows and banana bread.

Chocolate pizza with a crunch. Pure melted chocolate, caramelised pecans, cornflakes, marshmallow and white chocolate drops. The pizza base was thin yet light and fluffy. The marshmallows were soft and gooey and the cornflakes gave the pizza an amazing crunch. This was the ultimate indulgence.

Gift bag from Max Brenner.

Various chocolates included in the gift bag.

To celebrate the opening of the store they held a chocolate breaking ceremony where 30 kilograms of chocolate was broken up and given out to the public.

Max Brenner desserts are an extravagant indulgent experience and will satisfy all your chocolate cravings.


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