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Madame Hanoi

Madame Hanoi cafe sua da mousse

Madame Hanoi

Madame Hanoi
Adelaide Casino. North Terrace. Adelaide SA 5000
08 8218 4166
Lunch and dinner 7 days


Madame Hanoi is a French-Vietnamese espresso bar and bistro specialising in French and Vietnamese cuisine and coffee.

Located inside the Adelaide Casino complex the venue is decorated in a French colonial style with lots of bright and exhilarating colours. The bright and colourful hues really bring the space alive and give off a cheery atmosphere.

Madame Hanoi lumineux

Lumineux. A fruity cocktail made with vodka, yuzu, chambord, passionfruit and orange.

Madame Hanoi son in law eggs

Son in law eggs. Eggs with tamarind chilli, crispy shallots, coriander and Vietnamese mint. The eggs were fried golden and puffy and were deliciously crispy. The egg yolks were rich, soft and gooey inside and the tamarind dressing was sharp and flavourful.

Madame Hanoi muc sua chien gion

Muc sua chien gion. Crispy fried baby squid with smoked chilli and kaffir lime. The batter on the squid was light and crispy. This was the most tenderest squid I have ever eaten.

Madame Hanoi la lot ca song

La lot ca song. Kingfish with nam jim, green mango, peanut and mint. Dainty little mouthfuls of kingfish on betel leaves were so scrumptious.

Madame Hanoi goi xoai du du

Goi xoai du du. Green mango with papaya, peanuts, coriander, chilli and lime. The salad was bright and crunchy and just visually stunning. The dressing was sweet and tangy and the coriander gave it a lovely freshness.

Madame Hanoi banh bao nhan thit bo

Banh bao nhan thit bo. Master stock braised beef bao with chilli and Hanoi pickles. The baos were so light and fluffy. The beef was beautifully soft and the pickles helped to counter the sweetness of the master stock glaze.

Madame Hanoi banh bao heo quay

Banh bao heo quay. Crispy pork belly with green papaya, pickled cucumber and roasted peanuts. The pork was incredibly moist with a rich layer of fat and crunchy crackling skin.

Both baos were delightful and in my opinion have now taken over the title of best baos in Adelaide.

Madame Hanoi banh cua lot

Banh cua lot. Soft shell crab on brioche with coriander, chilli lime mayonnaise. The brioche was dyed black from squid ink which looked very cool but I found it bland and doughy. Nothing like the soft, rich and buttery brioche I am used to. The soft shell crab itself was quite tasty.

Madame Hanoi ca hoi sot chua cay

Ca hoi sot chua cay. Tasmanian salmon with hot pepper paste, ginger, carrot and papaya. The salmon was delectably spicy and cooked to perfection.

Madame Hanoi canh ga chien nuoc mam

Canh ga chien nuoc mam. Crispy chicken wings with fish sauce, chilli and mint. The chicken was succulent and moist with a sweet sticky glaze. Definitely finger licking good.

Madame Hanoi cafe de paris prawn

Cafe de Paris prawn. Spencer gulf king prawn with chilli, garlic, parsley and lemon. The prawns were coated in a fiery aromatic paste and tasted divine.

Madame Hanoi cafe sua da mousse

Cafe sua da mousse. Vietnamese sua da coffee with condensed milk, kahlua marscarpone, compote, roasted pistachio biscuit. The sweetness of the coffee mousse paired with the tartness of the compote made a really great flavour combination.

Madame Hanoi coconut tapioca

Coconut tapioca. Sago, lemongrass, goji berry, toasted coconut, mango sorbet, nutmeg and dill. This was a delight for the tastebuds from the creaminess of the tapioca to the crunchiness of the toasted coconut and the coldness of the sorbet . It was a lovely contrast of textures and flavours.

I have always hated Asian desserts as I found them boring and lacking in flavour but these 2 fusion desserts really won me over.

Madame Hanoi coffees

We finished off our amazing meal with some coffees.

Madame Hanoi hot chocolate

Callebaut milk hot chocolate. This hot chocolate was heavenly. It was so smooth, luscious and creamy. The milk had a wonderful texture and was perfectly steamed. Best hot chocolate I’ve had in Adelaide.

Madame Hanoi does extraordinary Vietnamese food in a unique fashion. It is a welcomed change to the more traditional food I am accustomed to and I really loved it.


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