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Gusto Ristorante

Gusto Ristorante crab linguine

Gusto Ristorante

Gusto Ristorante
121-125 The Parade. Norwood SA 5067
08 8364 7422
Lunch and dinner 7 days


Gusto Ristorante is a classic Italian restaurant serving rustic Italian food. Located on The Parade, inside the décor is very plain and boring to say the least. Plain walls with a few paintings hanging, simple dark wooden tables and contrasting white chairs. It really did not have any flair or personality and was quite cold.

Gusto Ristorante mocha

My weak mocha was foamy and very airy. The chocolate was very powdery and left a strong aftertaste on my tongue and the milk needed to be steamed more as it was lacking in texture.

Gusto Ristorante salt and pepper squid

Calamari fritti. Salt and pepper squid served with rocket, pear and shaved parmesan salad with lime aioli. The squid was delightfully soft and tender but the outer coating was soft and soggy and not crisp at all. The rocket and pear salad had a lovely balance of sweetness.

Gusto Ristorante crab linguine

Linguine con granchio. Blue swimmer crab meat with tomato, cream, white wine, chilli and garlic. There was so much crab meat and the sauce was rich and deliciously spicy just the way I like it. The serving was so generous that it could have fed 2 people. One of the best crab pastas I have eaten. It was bursting with so much flavour. I thought it was so good that it rivals Ruby Red Flamingo for best crab pasta in Adelaide.

Gusto Ristorante is a pretty plain looking restaurant and could really do with a bit of an update on their décor but what they lack in looks they make up for in food. They do amazing fresh and flavoursome pasta and the servings are huge which is great value for money. I just wish they would style the place a bit and add a few touches to make it more warm and inviting.


Miss L

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