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1/198-200 The Parade. Norwood SA 5067
08 7225 4320
Dessert 7 days


Gelatissimo is a worldwide gelato franchise that serves artisan gelato made fresh in store every day from traditional Calabrian family recipes with over 50 stores Australia wide and internationally.

The venue is eye catching with bright red walls and colourful features giving off a very whimsical atmosphere reminiscent of a fun and playful carnival.

Gelatissimo have about 40 regular flavours that they have on rotation depending on the time of year and season and each month a new flavour of the month is released. This month in conjunction with the release of the movie Trolls to DVD and Blu Ray they have released 2 new special flavours.

Poppy’s Frosting. Pink bubblegum gelato with edible blue flowers and red sprinkles.

Branch’s cupcake. Purple cupcake gelato with edible purple pearls and blue sprinkle toppings. The gelato tasted like real freshly baked cupcakes and the vibrant purple colour came from beetroot juice which was very surprising.

Both gelatos were rich, soft, smooth and creamy and the sprinkles provided a crunchy contrasting texture to the cold gelato. At first sight you would think that these 2 flavours would be overly sweet and very sickening but that was not the case at all. They were wonderfully light and delicious and did not leave an artificial aftertaste on the tongue.

Gelatissimo gelato is made fresh in store every day with no artificial colours, flavours or additives whatsoever. Lower in fat than ice cream and intense in flavour so a small amount will satisfy those sweet cravings.


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