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Exchange Specialty Coffee

Exchange Specialty Coffee

Exchange Specialty Coffee

Exchange Specialty Coffee
1-3/12-18 Vardon Ave. Adelaide SA 5000
0415 966 225
Breakfast and lunch 7 days


Exchange Specialty Coffee is a sleek little cafe located in Adelaide’s East End that was once part of the Adelaide Fruit and Produce Exchange.

The venue is cosy and styled in a minimalist style with white tiled accents, industrial light fittings and pots of greenery but is buzzing with warmth and energy.

Exchange Specialty Coffee

Flat white. The milk was smooth and had great texture with a light and creamy layer of froth on top.

Exchange Specialty Coffee

Bagel with smoked ocean trout, cream cheese, red onion, capers and dill. The bagel had the right amount of density with a slight chewiness while the trout was delicate and silky smooth. The classic combination of ingredients complimented each other perfectly. One of the best bagels I have ever eaten.

Exchange Specialty Coffee

Baked eggs in sugo with feta, olives and basil. The eggs were baked flawlessly with soft yolks and creamy whites. The sugo was rich and concentrated in tomato flavours while the olives and feta added an extra salty element.

Exchange Specialty Coffee has a small and carefully crafted menu of classic dishes that are elevated with little twists. The place is so lively that it leaves you with a positive energy.


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