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Devour Cafe Patisserie

Devour Cafe Patisserie poached eggs

Devour Cafe Patisserie

Devour Cafe Patisserie
52 Davenport Terrace. Richmond SA 5033
0411 536 343
Breakfast and lunch 7 days


Devour Cafe Patisserie used to be a popular dessert bar located in Prospect offering beautiful, unique and creative restaurant quality desserts.

I was so delighted when I moved close by thinking how great it would be not having to drive into the CBD to get a late night sugar fix.

Unfortunately for me just as I had moved into the area they closed up shop and moved to Richmond. They were also no longer trading as a dessert bar but instead a cafe slash patisserie serving a small range of breakfast and lunch items and a variety of baked goods.

Devour Cafe Patisserie mocha

My weak mocha was a bit bitter despite ordering weak. I still needed to add some sugar to counter the bitterness. The froth was a bit airy and foamy for my taste. I prefer my froth with less bubbles and a bit more creamier.

Devour Cafe Patisserie watermelon and pineapple juice

I was tempted to order a milkshake but thought it might fill me up too much so I got a watermelon and pineapple juice instead.

Devour Cafe Patisserie poached eggs

Poached eggs on buttered toast with avocado, mushrooms and feta. The eggs were nicely poached and runny on the inside just the way I like it. The mushrooms were moist, plump and juicy with lots of flavour and the saltiness of the feta complemented the beautiful fresh creamy avocado nicely. It was a really nice simple breakfast which I really enjoyed.

Being a patisserie they had a whole range of donuts and baked goods on the counter and in glass jars. Being the sweet tooth that I am I just had to try one of their filled donuts.

Devour Cafe Patisserie peanut butter and jelly filled donut

Donut ball rolled in sugar and generously filled with raspberry jam and peanut butter on top. The donut was soft and fluffy on the inside and raspberry jam oozed out as soon as I cut into it. It definitely was an amazing finish to my meal. The classic American flavour combination of peanut butter and jelly was delicious.

Devour Cafe Patisserie have turned themselves into a great suburban cafe serving delicious food, coffee and baked goods. They also have a range of take home coffee beans available. I bought a bag of 5 senses for K to try at home and he really loved it.

If you’re like me and miss their beautiful desserts they have just started holding special dessert nights twice a month but you need to arrive super early as there is usually a humongous line up and minimal space.


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