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Caffe Cena

Caffe Cena

Caffe Cena

Caffe Cena
101-103 Prospect Road. Prospect SA 5082
08 8344 9099
Breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days


Caffe Cena is a simple and modest cafe located in the heart of Prospect road.

The venue is spacious with indoor and outdoor seating to accommodate groups of any size.

They do simple breakfast well, the portions are generous and the atmosphere is energetic and lively like an Italian household.

Caffe Cena

Weak mocha. The milk was lacking in texture and the coffee was a little burnt.

Caffe Cena

Nonna’s breakfast. Eggs cooked in a rich tomato sauce with cacciatore sausage, pine nuts, chilli, garlic and onions served with wood oven toast. The eggs were perfectly cooked and rich golden yolks were gushing out as soon as I cut into them while the tomato sauce was rich and tangy with a mild heat. The sausage was deliciously salty and spicy. The best baked eggs I’ve had to date.

Caffe Cena doesn’t pretend to be anything more than it is. They’re your everyday cafe, serving up typical Italian cafe style food.


Miss L

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