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Butterfingers chicken burger


6/168 Melbourne Street. North Adelaide SA 5006
08 7225 8855
Breakfast and lunch 6 days


Butterfingers is a little bakery/cafe specialising in a variety of pies and pastries all made from scratch. They also have a small breakfast and lunch menu on offer too.

Butterfingers mocha

My weak mocha was absolutely delicious! It was made with Nutella which is so creative and has such a real point of difference. I could really taste it and who doesn’t love Nutella? The milk was perfectly textured with a smooth creamy delicious layer of froth on top.

Butterfingers kiwi, strawberry, pineapple and apple juice

Kiwi, strawberry, pineapple and apple freshly squeezed juice. The juice was spectacular and the fruit combination really went well together.

Butterfingers chicken burger

Chicken burger southern style. Crispy chicken with standard salad of lettuce and tomato, chipotle sauce and aioli on a house made bun. The chicken was moist, succulent and juicy. The chipotle sauce needed a bit more kick and I did not find it spicy enough. The house made bun was a little too soft and did not hold the filling very well. My burger fell apart after a few bites but it still tasted delicious.

Butterfingers danish

Strawberry danish. Pastry topped with crème patisserie and freshly cut strawberries. The pastry was crispy, crunchy and flaky on the outside and light and soft on the inside. The crème patisserie was beautifully smooth, creamy and absolutely luscious. This was absolutely amazing and I have to say THE BEST pastry I have ever had! I am so sad for not buying more than one because it was absolutely heavenly.

Their pies sounded so divine and have been voted Adelaide’s best pie previously so I had to get some takeaway.

Butterfingers italian goat pie

The Italian goat pie with fennel chilli and chardonnay.

Butterfingers moroccan chicken pie

The Moroccan chicken pie with mild chilli and spices.

Both pies were baked in a buttery shortcrust pastry and topped with flaky puff pastry. The meat was so soft and tender and the fillings were moist and plentiful in both pies. The chilli was quite subtle in the goat pie and I would have preferred more.

Butterfingers do awesome pies and pastries with flavours changing frequently depending on what fresh produce is available. They taste incredible and you can tell how much love and care goes in to making them. I love how everything is made in house and will definitely be coming back for their pastries and Nutella mocha.


Miss L

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