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Bonsai Cafe

Bonsai Cafe

Bonsai Cafe

Bonsai Cafe
185 Main North Road. Nailsworth SA 5083
08 7222 1249
Lunch and dinner 6 days


Bonsai Cafe is a little secret of mine which I am reluctant to write about because this is my absolute favourite Vietnamese restaurant in the whole of Adelaide.

This little eatery is located inside Bonsai Mujo, a nursery where they sell bonsai plants, supplies and hold educational classes.

Head chef The Tran, has over 20 years experience making pho, having taken over his mother’s business Baria many years ago before closing up shop and retiring.

Baria was, and still is incredibly famous in the Vietnamese community for having the best pho in Adelaide and I was lucky enough to dine there several times as a young child with my family.

Bonsai Cafe

Beef noodle soup. Fresh rice noodles with rare beef, cooked brisket and beef balls. The broth which is made with large amounts of beef bones, a mixture of herbs and spices and then simmered for 24 hours was rich, full bodied and delightfully warming with a subtle hint of sweetness. Truly the best pho in Adelaide and brings back such wonderful childhood memories.

Bonsai Cafe

Pork chop rice. The pork chop was deliciously crisp on the outside while the meat itself was juicy and moist. The rice was light and fluffy and the pickled vegetables were crunchy and tangy with a good balance. Also the best pork chop rice in Adelaide.

If you’re familiar with Baria 2, Thanh Thanh, Adelaide Pho and Saigon Gate then you will love Bonsai Cafe just as much, if not more as each restaurant is owned by the head chef’s siblings so the dishes and flavours are quite similar.

With barely any advertisement and having only been open for a short time, Bonsai Cafe have had to extend their trading hours to include dinner service due to their immense popularity.

Word of mouth also travels fast in the Vietnamese community, and Vietnamese customers are bypassing the many Vietnamese restaurants along Hanson Road to dine at Bonsai Cafe instead so I can guarantee the food is delicious.


Miss L

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