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Bistro Dom

Bistro Dom eye fillet

Bistro Dom

Bistro Dom
24 Waymouth Street. Adelaide SA 5000
08 8231 7000
Lunch Wednesday to Friday
Dinner Tuesday to Saturday


Bistro Dom is a cosy and sophisticated little bistro serving contemporary food with Spanish inspired flavours.

The venue is long and narrow with elegant dark wooden furniture and ornate mirrors and paintings hung along the wall.

Bistro Dom pineapple cocktail

Pineapple cocktail. They did not have a cocktail list but were happy to make something up for me. A fruity and delightful mixture of pineapple and coconut very similar to a pina colada.

Bistro Dom bread

Complimentary bread. This bread was very interesting in taste and texture as it contained no yeast. It had a nice crumb which was slightly crunchy on the outside and moist and doughy on the inside similar to banana cake.

Bistro Dom smoked trout balls

Complimentary smoked ocean trout balls with salsa verde and olives. The outside was light, golden and crispy and inside the trout was moist and flakey.

Bistro Dom wasabi cream oysters

Pacific oysters with wasabi cream, pickled cucumber and flying fish roe. The wasabi cream gave the oysters a mild spiciness while the roe were little pops of sea flavour.

Bistro Dom jamon oysters

Pacific oysters with crispy jamon, carrot emulsion and chive oil. The jamon was a salty and crunchy contrast to the fresh and silky oysters.

Bistro Dom prawns

SA Gulf prawns served with white gazpacho, muscatel grapes, jamon and paprika salt. The prawns were large, plump and juicy with a beautiful sear that was so flavourful. The gazpacho was smooth and creamy and the grapes added little bursts of sweetness.

Bistro Dom seared tuna

Olive and fennel seared tuna with orange and miso emulsion and fried shallots. The tuna was delightfully rich and fatty with the orange and miso emulsion being zesty and aromatic.

Bistro Dom ocean trout

Sous vide ocean trout with eggplant labneh and carrot emulsion. The trout looked thick and meaty yet was so soft and delicate when I cut through it.

Bistro Dom seafood soup

Catalan seafood soup with shellfish, saffron and garlic picada. The soup was so rich, tangy and flavoursome. The seafood was perfectly cooked and so tender. This was my favourite dish of the night.

Bistro Dom eye fillet

Beef eye fillet with jerusalem artichoke, cauliflower, straw potato and horseradish. The eye fillet was also perfectly cooked. It was so soft and extremely moist and juicy.

Bistro Dom duck

Confit duck with hamlets bacon, fermented cabbage and mango nectarine compote. The duck was delectably moist while the compote was light and sweet.

Bistro Dom potatoes

Salt crusted wrinkled baby potatoes. There was too much salt crust for my taste so I found the potatoes too salty.

Bistro Dom greens

Seasonal greens with confit garlic and toasted almonds. The greens were moist and tender and the almonds added a lovely crunchy texture.

Bistro Dom poached pear

Butter poached pear with nougatine pastry and cocoa sorbet. The pear was nicely poached with a slight firmness. The sorbet was rich, deep and very chocolatey and the nougatine was crisp and super crunchy.

Bistro Dom apple mille feuille

Apple mille feuille with chocolate mousse and apple sorbet. This was such an amazing and interesting dessert. Instead of using traditional puff pastry between layers they used apple slices which I thought was so unique and clever. The mousse was smooth and velvety and the apple sorbet was refreshing and slightly tart. The flavour combination was fantastic as I never would have pictured apple and chocolate together so I was pleasantly surprised.

We finished off our meals with some small assorted sweets and coffee.

Bistro Dom assorted sweets

Pina colada jelly. Almond shortbread with chantilly cream. Dark chocolate and mandrake liquor praline with freeze dried mandarin.

Bistro Dom weak mocha

My usual weak mocha.

Bistro Dom was a magnificent dining experience. The wait staff were so informative and went out of their way to talk about each dish in depth. Each dish was perfectly cooked and the flavour combinations were unbelievable.


Miss L

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